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An East German native, Treska Stein grew up in the dusty embrace of the Taos desert following jackrabbits barefoot down dusty arroyos, and gathering the kinds of treasures borne only of sun and sky.

Each sheepskin she hand-selects is a direct reflection of the wild desert landscapes that the animals roam freely upon- they are soulful, one-of-a-kind, and tell the stories of sage, red stone, and endless blue skies.

Sheepä is collection of unique, meticulously selected Navajo-Churro and Navajo-Churro cross sheepskin sourced in the high deserts of Northern New Mexico.

The sheepskins are artisanally tanned in the American west using Mimosa bark, an estate-grown (not wild harvested) tree bark that produces beautiful, naturally tanned hides without harming the health of humans, wild animals, and the lands we live in. 

partners with local New Mexican shepherds who are preserving the rare heritage breed long-haired Navajo-Churro sheep which means that your purchase supports traditional food ways, multigenerational organic farming, and regenerative high desert ranching.

Sheepä's approach means that each animal, human, and landscape involved in the creation of these sheepskins is treated with care, fairness and respect. Sheepä celebrates the rare and unique character of every sheepskin, treasuring each color, curl and soulful imperfection.



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